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    Shenzhen ARAY Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Apr., 2002. The company is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Guangdong Province, P.R. China. This young city with a 10 million population is very famous in China, as well as in the world, as a hub for hi-tech electronic business between China and the world.

    ARAY is majored in electronic watthour meter market. The founders of the company have been in this application since 1992 when China just started the production and usage of electronic power meters. From then on, we gradually grow up together with the development of China electronic energy meter industry. Thanks to our 15 years experiences of the market, we successfully achieved our fame as a leading electronic components supplier to power meter manufacturers as well as an excellent solution provider to energy meter factory.
   Our service to customers:
As the authorized sales agent of Shanghai Hitrendtech' energy metering IC, we support to the power meter munufacturers with single-phase metering IC, single-phase SoC, tri-phase active power metering IC, tri-phase active/re-active power metering IC, etc. shanghai Hitrendtech is very famous in the market for its cutting-edge new technology and deep know-how for energy metering. Hitrendtech' metering ICs have already been widely used in China market since 2003 and in the meters exported to 10+ oversea countries.
As the authorized sales agent of Korea Vitzrocell, we support the TEKCELL lithium battery to power meter customers. Usually, the 3.0V/1.5Ah lithium MnO2 battery is used for data backup/reading. And the 3.6V/1.2Ah lithium SOCl2 battery for real-time clock use.
As the authorized distributor of NEC and Seiko Instruments, we support customers by NEC 8/16/32 bit microcontroller, photo coupler, transistor, SII crystal, voltage detector, etc. Amoung these components, NEC microcontrollers, from year 1993, are very well known and enjoy a very important market share in power meter applications.
As the authorized sales agent of Union Semiconductor, we promote the interface IC and ESD protection IC to power meter customers.
Also, up to the customers, we can support the total solution and kit-sell from the low-end electronic single-phase watthour meter to high-end tri-phase multi-function watthour meter. OEM business negotiation is welcome for domestic as well as oversea markets.
  Our commitment to customers:
   Technology oriented, quality assurance, customer first, sincere cooperation, mutual understanding, achieve together.
   Your trust and support to us is the very best gift to ARAY. And everyday we are working hard towards this exciting target.
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